Resources - Family Finder Australia
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Adoption Information


Before we can assist you in adoption matters, its important that you have all relevant paper work, such as pre and post adoption birth certificates.


If there are vetos, conditional veto or privacy statements (QLD) in place regarding the adoption, we are legally not able to assist you in a search. Please feel free to contact us and we are happy to assist you on how to obtain your adoption information. We do not charge for this service.


Each state and territory in Australia have their own Adoption Authorities and processes on how to apply for your papers.


You will need to apply to the Adoption Authority in the state the adoption occurred.


Once you have these files, provided there is no VETO or privacy statements in place, you may also request a marriage search if needed with Births, deaths and marriages under the Adoptions Act NSW.


If a search is required in another state you, will need to apply to that relevant states Births, Deaths and Marriages Department.


Please see our state by state resources on where to start your search or contact us today for assistance.




  • Prior to searching with Family Finder Australia, you will need to apply for a copy of the adoption file. We cannot assist you until this is done in case there is a VETO (non disclosure of identifying info and no contact) in place. If there is a VETO in place we could be liable by assisting you.


  • In some cases, the adoption is bound by certain laws such as contact only to be made via a mediation service. If this is the case and contact is made directly there are hefty fines involved. We can still assist you in location, however we will refer you to an external mediation service.


  • We can only assist those who legally have the right to access these files


  • We do not assist with searches that involve Intercountry adoptions. Due to various international adoption laws, each country has its own adoption and privacy laws which will need specialised assistance to ensure laws are not broken. We may be able to refer you a similar service in the country you are interested in. This will be a free service provided by FFA, so please contact us.


  • Please note that UK adoption laws specify that only the adopted child can request information regarding the adoption and to make contact. Due to this, we cannot assist in searches that involve UK adoptions unless the search is requested by the adoptee.